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Environmental Initiative
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Environmental Initiative

At Gemini Fiber Corporation we are dedicated to providing the very best products and services while protecting our environment and reducing and reusing our waste. As a Paper Converter we have a responsibility to future generations of Ohioans to preserve the environment.

During the past two years Gemini has worked to find new ways to reduce our waste and recycle all of our unused material. Today more than 95% of our materials are either used in production or sent for recycling. Working with Gateway Products Recycling out of Cleveland, Ohio we have increased our saved resources and upgraded our efficiency in the process. In addition, we are running products that will reduce our customers waste and conserve energy during the converting process. (See Coreless Kraft)

Gemini Fiber is also working to reduce the amount of natural resources used to power our facility. In an effort to support renewable gas projects we have enrolled in a renewable gas offering. Through this program the carbon dioxide emitted by burning eight percent (8%) of the natural gas we use each year will be offset through a blend of renewable gas and carbon offsets. Additionally through this program a tree will be planted in our name every year in one of our countries national parks.

Our corporate dedication to preserving our land and air is paramount to conducting business in the 21st century. Gemini Fiber Corporation is committed to being the most environmentally conscious converter in the paper industry.

Monthly Resources Saved
Fiber 225 (trees)
Water 92,470 (gallons)
Energy 55,482 (killowatt hours)
Landfill 45 (cubic yards)
Fuel 5,416 (gallons)
Air Particulates 793 (pounds)

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