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Food Grades

Gemini Fiber Corp. is a leader in the conversion of Food Grade paper. We offer clean quality products such as Butcher Wrap, Freezer Wrap, Table Cover as well as some Grease Proof and Waxing grades.

All our rolls are wrapped in either plastic or paper and our sheeted material can be hand wrapped in kraft or boxed based on customer need. We also offer private label and bar coding if desired.

Food Grades
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  • White Butcher Wrap
  • Pink Butcher Wrap
  • Natural Kraft Butcher
  • Peach Butcher Wrap
  • White Freezer Wrap
    (35/5#, 40/5#, 50/5#)
  • Restaurant Table Cover
  • Natural Freezer Wrap


  • Meat and Fish Wrap
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Printing
  • Place Setting / Table Cover

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